Resistance Fall of Man - Review PS3

Resistance Fall of Man
Review PS3

Resistance Fall of Man, Review PS3, Sony Entertainment

Insomniac games, the people behind the brilliant Ratchet & Clank, deliver the first hard-core FPS title for Sony's shiny new PS3 console.

People love First person shooters and every games console worth its salt has to have key FPS titles within its arsenal. Inevitably there will be the Call of Duty titles, Ubi Soft's classy Rainbow six and many others available on the PS3, in time, but I must say I'm pleased with Sony having the balls to lead with a completely new FPS on their long awaited new machine.

Resistance Fall of Man isn't the most original game ever. In fact it takes little bits from most FPS titles of note and uses the familiar Half Life/War of the Worlds scenario for its storyline. Now if a game is derivative in its makeup then it better play well and the good news is that Resistance Fall of Man does!! In fact it plays great!

You play as Nathan Hale's and in Resistance Fall of Man Nathan has the thankless task of dealing with the Chimera. The Chimera is an alien race that has come to earth to kick butt and dominate - same old, same old. The Chimera are easy to hate as they are really ugly spider headed mothers. Beyond this simple fact I found myself skating over the finer details of the plot. The plot is explained to you through tasty looking cut scenes using the games quality 3d engine and through a female colleague who keeps popping up. Like I said because of the unknown nature of the alien invaders all you need to know is that they're ugly and need some serious blasting.

Resistance Fall of Man controls are similar to any other FPS title. You move and aim with the analogue sticks and use the left and right triggers for unleashing your weapons. When it comes to health there is a natty little button config that helps you heal Nathan in the heat of the battle. How your health system works in general is a little different to most systems. In the best known FPS titles your health is generally replenished between levels. This is not the case with Resistance Fall of Man. This way of dealing with health gives a different slant on the levels, instead of seeing the game as 10 separate levels you get more of a flowing feel from level to level as you carry your injuries through.

The motion sensor in the PS3 controller gets assigned as a handy little feature in this game. You can shake your controller to wriggle free of the grip of Chimera assailants or for rolling on the floor to put yourself out when on fire.

The thing that makes Resistance Fall of Man a great FPS is the level of quality produced in the key areas of the game-play. The weaponry is fantastic the guns have a real boom to them and you can carry as many weapons as you like. We are not talking AK47 rifle and hand grenades here - we are talking futuristic weaponry all the way. From homing beacons that will direct your bullets round corners towards your enemy to the Auger rifle which can shoot through anything, including structures. The enemy AI is well worked, I would go as far to say some of the more important Chimera are clever. Your enemy uses available cover well and digs in wherever possible. Their hedgehog grenades are damaging and as the game transpires you learn to respect your enemy. The fighting mainly takes place on open ground at mid to long range although you do get the odd bit of claustrophobic corridor combat too. There is a bit of vehicle action thrown in too.

Apart from the campaign mode there is a very good multi-player mode available. You can play various maps from various parts of the campaign mode. The usual modes Deathmatch/Capture the flag style s are all in there. Some maps play 8 player games, some 16 player games but the mode you will want is the amazing 40 player mode. On the 40 player mode the game-play is chaotic and with some of the weapons that are available you will have some real humdinger battles. The multi-player mode is going to keep this game at the top of your games pile for months to come.

Graphically Resistance Fall of Man Review is great. The fact that the game is set in England makes a nice change and the diversity in landscape is very decent. The characters all look excellent and the feeling of being in a war is believable. The sound is also great and if you use Dolby 5.1 you will be ducking to avoid the bullets as they wiz past your ear.

Overall Resistance Fall of Man Review isn't breaking out into any new ground but the old ground that it covers it does with an aplomb that will have you coming back to this game again and again. The campaign is very entertaining and will teach you everything you need to know for the multi-player rounds and the multi-player game will keep you smiling for a long, long time.

8 out of 10