Army of Two - Review PS3, Ea Games

Army of Two does exactly what it says on the tin. You are part of a two-man cell acting on behalf of the private sector military, guns for hire if you will. You begin the title as you finish your army career in the US Rangers before being picked up by the corporate militia as mercenaries available to the highest bidder. You can choose to play as either Tyson Rios or Elliott Salem as you are sent to many of the World's hotspots to search and destroy or rescue targets. It soon appears that plans are afoot to discredit the armed forces in order for private security firms to provide protection to the world. This mirrors certain real world accusations, `Blackwater' immediately springs to mind and it is to EA's credit that they create such a topical and believable storyline.

Army of Two - Review PS3

EA advertise the title as a `breakthrough in partner AI' and that it offers `unique co-op tactics'. As always, is this corporate gushing in order to reach into your pocket or is this really a breakthrough title? The partner AI is impressive in single player mode whereby you can choose whether you or your team-mate can take the `Aggro' whilst the other sneaks around virtually undetected taking out enemies stealthily whilst your buddy takes the majority of the flack. This option can also be selected in an aggressive or passive manner whilst you order advancements, instructions to hold or to regroup. This, of course, flies out the windows in the co-op mode with two players and requires a fair amount verbal communication with Player 2. The enemy AI is also what we have come to expect from the PS3 and they prove particularly tricky to nail down especially in large numbers and more so the higher the level that you select. However, here cones the `but'. This is nothing that we haven't seen before in previous titles. Just because there are only two members of this cell as opposed to a single infiltrator or squadron does not make AI a unique breakthrough. Enjoyable as it is, it is not the first time that this has been done.

The controls are similar to many first/third person shooters with `X' taken as the action button and R2 as trigger and R1 as aim. As you progress through the game you will accumulate cash due to your filthy mercenary activities. The more money that you accumulate, the bigger and better weapons you can buy.

The graphics look well and again represent the next generation console well, but again, no aspect of them are groundbreaking. The score and voice acting is very good and adds to an excellent plot and storyline. Other gripes arise in relation to the longevity of the game (or lack of it) and the fact that your satellite navigation equipment removes a lot of the mystery from the title by shepherding you exactly where you need to go. Furthermore, you can pick up ammo but not enemy artillery.

Army of Two is a thoroughly enjoyable title but one where you would have to question whether the longevity of the title or accuracy of it `breakthrough' status is enough for you to part with your scarce cash. As a first/third person shooter there is a lot to enjoy here and if you can cope with the points made above, then there is a lot of fun to be had here.

7.5 out of 10