Tak: The Great Juju Challenge - Review PS2 - THQ

This is the third instalment of the Nickelodeon based Tak character. Again you assume the role of tribal boy Tak and his lumbering but loveable pal Lok. There is plenty of platforming on offer in this version of the game and much of the puzzles rely on the very different skills both Tak and Lok possess.

Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, Review PS2


The Great Juju Challenge is a sort of tribal Olympics that occurs every 60 years whereby teams battle for the adoration of their tribe and the favour of the Moon Goddess. Tak and Lok, ever the underdogs, compete in various events which take the form of a number of levels where points are garnered by killing enemies, collecting valuables and finishing levels quickly. The story while basic is very good and the cut-scenes and interaction between Tak and Lok throughout kept the game enjoyable with some genuinely funny moments.


I was pretty disappointed with the graphics in the game; recently there have been a number of graphical wonders released on the PS2 however Tak 3 would not have looked out of place if it had been released 4 years ago. Graphics are not particularly detailed and at times appear grainy. However the game is obviously marketed at kids and fans of Tak and the game does remain true to its cartoon roots.


The sound in the game is a highlight, voice acting is well done – both Tak and Lok seem to have endless banter during the game and the cut-scenes as previously said do contain a lot of the humour of the series and cartoon. Although marketed at kids there are enjoyable moments for adults as well. The background music is also good ranging from tribal beats to metallic rock later in the game. Overall the sounds fit well with the game and adds to the experience.


The game-play is standard 3D platforming with each 'world' consisting of a hub and various levels within it representing a different Juju challenge. To progress you need to amass sufficient points from collecting items and finishing with the most time on the clock (which can be boosted by hourglasses collected). The best part of the game is that you play as Tak and Lok simultaneously and can switch between them at any time (or play split screen co-op with a friend). Switching between characters is required frequently as each has different skills, i.e. Tak can swim, Lok can climb and throw items, including Tak. This leads to some nice set pieces in the game however at the same time detracts from the puzzling aspects as the solution to 99% of the problems is switch characters and use there skills instead.

There are also a number of vehicles (read animals) for you to get to grips with and lots of enemies to beat off with your juju stick (?).

The game is not particularly difficult but should offer 8-10 hours of play for a younger gamer.
One thing that did disappoint me was the amount of game breaking glitches in the final version – after only half an hour of play I found myself stuck mid-air against a wall unable to do anything. Things like this frustrate me no end when they actually make it into a final version as it can lead to hours wasted on a level if you haven't saved regularly.
Controls are standard for a platformer and appear to be responsive. The buttons are used for jump, attack etc and the shoulder buttons for changing character and instructing the non-playable character when not in use. These are easy to pick up and fit the game well.


Tak 3 is an average platformer obviously aimed at the younger generations. There is nothing particularly new in this game but if you are a fan of the genre or series there is enough here to make it worth a look. Overall I give Tak: The Great Juju Challenge

6.5 out of 10