Maximo -PS2
Game Review

For all you younger folks out there Maximo is a remake of a timeless classic from over a decade ago "Ghosts and Goblins".
The very nice people at Capcom have produced a real piece of modern nostalgia, which is absolutely thrilling especially for those who remember the original.


Maximo - PS2 Game available to buy @ www.

Anyway, the story goes something like this….
Maximo has been away at war, and when he returns to his kingdom all he finds is chaos. His once friend and right hand man has kidnapped poor Maximo's chick, so he must go to the rescue with his trusty sword and shield.

Maximo - PS2 Game available to buy @ www.
Maximo - PS2 Game available to buy @ www.
Maximo - PS2 Game available to buy @ www.

The game play is very old skool but the size of the game isn't. There are five main levels, each divided into various sublevels. You may save your progress at checkpoints though the game by smashing your sword into the ground. This will save your progress, but should you run out of lives you will have to bribe the grim reaper with a special coin (Death token). However you will have to start at the very beginning of the level and not at the last check point. This can be a bit irritating at first, but as you collect your power ups and a number of angel/fairy like things you will become super strong and accumulate extra lives in the process. But should you die right at the end of a level you will unfortunately have to traipse right back through from the start. It does feel much easier the second time even if it does take you an hour or so to retrace. Should you manage to complete the level you can save up by visiting the "Magic Pond".

The enemies in this game are very loyal to the original with skeletons jumping out of graves and zombies breaking out of coffins. At the beginning of the game you generally get skeletons with no armour what so ever and they are easy pickings for Maximo. As the game progresses the enemies do get harder to deal with. Skeletons appear with shields, axes, swords and those long poking stabbing type things. You will also encounter ghosts, who can take away all your angels/fairies, and ravens that will steal all that hard earned cash you have collected along the way.

Back to the game play, as I mentioned before the game play is very old skool. Maximo has three basic moves to start with. The first is a sword swipe, which is what you will need to kick the skeleton asses. The second is a powerful downward stab into the ground. This will generally stop most enemies in their tracks with a one off blast. Thirdly there is the shield. This is not really necessary until you get to some nasty axe swinging bad boys.
This is not all though. As you progress through the game you will collect extra skills that will increase your battling ability. The sword its self also gets powered up, and one of the first power ups will be a simple double slash and a forward stabbing motion. You will also come across power-ups for a flaming sword through to a pure energy version. The shield can also become a weapon, as you will be able to throw it to take out evil beings from a distance.

The levels and their obstacles are mainly based on jumping large gaps and finding hidden objects (small black statues) to open up other parts of the levels. This may sound simple, which it is, but it is also great fun as the game has a great deal of character, both in the graphics and sound. Things can get a bit repetitive at times but there is noting better than having the satisfaction of getting through that last level.


Maximo is a really entertaining 3D platformer with very few rough edges. The graphics are not complex in anyway but they are very nicely executed. The game-play is repetitive at times, but solid. Anyone who remembers the first incarnation, and enjoyed it should buy this version too. If you don't remember the original, but you're into the good old platform and level format then this game is for you too.


Maximo - PS2 Game available to buy @ www.

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