Professor Green has mocked Boris Johnson on his new single, 'Dance Like A Tory'.

The 38-year-old rapper - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - has taken aim at the British Prime Minister, who is being investigated by Metropolitan Police and is the subject of an inquiry following reports of lockdown-breaking boozy parties at Number 10 Downing Street, including his alleged birthday party in June 2020.

Green spits: “Ain’t a party, it’s a work event… Ain’t a rave, it’s a work event! ...

“Nobody cared about care homes, they should’ve all been in their homes / Instead they were all ‘round Boris’, all getting down with their Doris."

The 'Just Be Good to Green' hitmaker - who is a Labour supporter - commented: “Happy belated birthday, Boris."

For the single's artwork, Green dons a blonde wig to mimic Boris - who is known for his unkempt hair - and is sat in a mucky flat with empty tins of beer surrounding him and a cigarette in his mouth.

He also recreated the slogan board from the government's COVID-19 press conferences to read 'Dance Like A Tory'.

The music star previously poked fun at Boris on air back in 2019, when he hilariously presented the weather under the guise of 'BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood.

He quipped: "This is bringing in some proper strong winds, like 40-50 mile an hour.

“Winds that Boris Johnson always looks like he’s encountered every day of his life, even when it’s not windy.”

Newsreader Naga Munchetty joked: “You’re not very good.”

To which he responded: “I think I’m doing great. I’d love to see what the response is on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, Green recently insisted he will always have "working-class anxieties".

The rap star spent years worrying about his finances - but he's determined that his son Slimane Ray won't suffer the same fate.

The rapper - whose fiancee, actress Karima McAdams, gave birth to their baby boy last year - said: "People always say, 'oh you’re middle class', no. I grew up working-class, I cannot rid myself of working-class anxieties.

"My mortgage hangs over my head like a dark cloud until I have absolute financial security, I will always have my working-class anxieties but I am making sure I am working my backside off to ensure he doesn’t have to.

"He’s gonna be working from a young age. I was working from the age of 12, probably before when I used to go and help my uncle on a building site. He’s going to understand the value of a penny, let alone a pound. Unbeknownst to him, he will hopefully avoid many of the hardships I had growing up.

"You break the cycle, you don’t perpetuate it."

The 'Read All About It' hitmaker "grew up on benefits" and called on the UK government to support people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He added: "Before free school meals, one of my earliest memories was my nan taking me to our GP to swap her voucher for my SMA milk. I grew up on benefits so I understand the benefit of them and the necessity of them as well. People need that support.

"I think any government we have could just be doing more. As long as there’s a problem, more needs to be done."

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