Professor Green felt his life ''bleeding out'' of him when he was stabbed in 2009.

The 'Are You Getting Enough' rapper's neck was sliced with a broken bottle by a man in a London nightclub and as he waited for the ambulance to arrive, he felt his blood pouring down him and feared he was going to die so called his mother and grandmother to say his last goodbyes.

He revealed: ''They say when you're stabbed, for a moment you don't realise what's happened - not true in my case. I was in no doubt I was in a fight for my life.

''I called my nan and then mum to apologise. I could feel my life bleeding out of me as I waited for the ambulance to arrive. It seemed to take an eternity.

''The surgeons had found the bottle had sliced through my salivary gland and only my jaw bone had stopped it tearing right through my throat.''

The man responsible for the attack was imprisoned for eight years and Green got over the terrifying incident.

Now at 31, Green is happily married to Millie Mackintosh, is releasing a new album and has written an autobiography called 'Lucky'.

Despite his past as a drug dealer, the rapper insisted he was never a ''gangster'' and made a conscious decision to limit the amount of violence included in his life story.

Speaking about his new book, he told The Daily Star newspaper: ''I was never a gangster. Someone asked me why there wasn't more violence in it (the book). There was more violence, but why am I going to put that in the book? It's not a crime novel. I didn't want kids to feel - 'I want to be that.'

''People have a misconception that rappers are hard and that's part of the problem, I think. I was apprehensive about people hearing me get emotional but it made me realise I have to use my voice for something other than my own benefit.''