Review of Clay Class Album by Prinzhorn Dance School

The ultimate 'Marmite' duo, Prinzhorn Dance School are back in another attempt to win over the people on the doubting side, following their 2007 debut. Back then, no one knew what had hit them when this was introduced to their curious ears. The bizarre combo of a very deep bass line and unprocessed drums with some shouty shouty cockney vocals in tow single, 'Crackerjack Docker' confirmed why the big wide world would either love 'em or hate 'em. Though, deep down it seems to be more of a case of 'getting' or 'appreciating' PDS's sound rather than rubbishing them.

Prinzhorn Dance School Clay Class Album

The more you listen to Prinzhorn, the more you can begin to understand what they're trying to do. They're a minimalistic pairing wanting their music to speak for itself, there's no false fame desired on their part. This can be told through their music, a basic sound so their kooky words and somewhat social messages on society can be the main focus. Also, based on the fact that they're not the kind of band to go promoting and promoting themselves and there's barely a handful of interviews with the band online. This is pretty refreshing in this day and age of reality show upon reality show, showcasing the fame hungry. 'Seed Crop Harvest' is the track that presents their intentions best, though this time there is a distorted riff also. 'Got off the treadmill, treadmill. Got on the breadline, breadline' is a defining line inflicting some society issues upon the simple noise makes the track a hundred times more listenable.

'The Flora and Fauna of Britain In Bloom' sounds ever so patriotic, like an ad for a landscape gardens or something. The vulnerable sounding expression of 'Skinny trees naked in winter' along with some added sarcasm in the form of 'Government handouts, Britain in bloom.' Well someone's got to say it haven't they? Opener 'Happy In Bits' was put online late last year by Tobin and Suzi, receiving a good reception after their five-year break. It withholds the same plain principles, but with a solid melody running along for a bit of a change. In fact, the majority feature a melody, making them sound more like songs and less like a rant to a beat. 'Usurper' will make its way in to your head and that with the 'it's over' repetitions and sneaky guitar solo. The intro of 'I Want You' bears an uncanny resemblance to The Stone Roses' 'I Wanna Be Adored.' A very odd comparison, you're left there waiting for a heavier riff to take over but instead you're left with a calmer affair with lyrics about 'suffocating souls.' Different.

Prinzhorn Dance School may be back, but are they back with a big enough bang? Nearly. There are some decent tracks on here for sure, and the five-year break has allowed them to experiment more, with this offering seeming to have more power behind it. But with a couple more punchy tracks and social swipes, it could have been explosive.


Hayley Fox

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