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6. Princess Superstar Princess Superstar is (Album - !K7)
All hail the arrival of the biggest female rapper this side of, erm October. Its not as if its unusual to hear a lady rapping these days, take Eve and Lil Kim for example. But its still the men who dominate the scene - not that theyd be dominating this female representative.
Princess Superstar could take on any high powered gangster rapper and have him quivering on his knees and begging for forgiveness within minutes. Shes not the kind of lady youd want to meet in a dark alley or in a well-lit room for that matter.
Spewing more filth and sexual innuendo than Chubby Brown in full flow, she comes across like shes seen more than her fair share in the bedroom department (oh, er missus).
This is all out hedonism. Tracks such as We Got Panache are a big-headed shout out for flamboyant living and cash, cash, cash. Bad Babysitter comes across like a comic scene from Rita, Sue and Bob Too (Im a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in the shower) and Welcome To My World mentions force feeding Kate Moss with nine courses of horsemeat. Mmmm.
She may not be an Ursula Rucker uttering intellectual words of wisdom but she sure knows how to deliver a shocking, and at the same time, amusing punchline. A bit like De La Soul but with added filth.
The music props up her motor mouth quite well (her manic mouth manoeuvres make deciphering lyrical content near impossible thanks God for sleeve notes). The slow soul and funk grooves of the Beth Orton collaboration of Untouchable Part 2, the cheeky scratching of What Is it, and the smooth Common style Kool Keith collaboration Keith N Me make for addictive listening.
Just dont play it in front of your mum.