Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie cried when they spoke to an elderly fundraiser via Zoom.

The sisters took part in the video call to honour the winners of the Teenage Cancer Trust Awards and heard from 85-year-old Enid Waterfall, who has carried on the work of her grandson Richard, who died in 2018 from a rare form of cancer, and has raised over £28,000 for the organisation along with her 89-year-old husband Norman.

Eugenie, 30, said: ''First of all, to hear about your grandson Richard - what an amazing thing to do, in honour of his memory. I think it almost chokes me up a bit because it must be so difficult to do that.''

Enid explained how her efforts made her feel closer to her grandson.

She said: ''Strangely enough you feel closer to Richard when you're doing it. And the reaction from people - it's not me, it's the people who give, it's the people who work with me, it's everyone who approaches you and keeps giving money - time after time after time.''

She apologised as she wiped away a tear, and 31-year-old Beatrice did the same as she replied: ''Thank you for all your incredible work... for you and also for Richard's legacy - thank you for everything.''

Elsewhere on the call, Eugenie spoke with nurse consultant Nicky Pettitt - who was given an award in recognition of her redeployment from supporting young people with cancer to a coronavirus ward - and reflected on her experiences when her father-in-law George Brooksbank was hospitalised with the virus in March.

She said: ''My husband's father was in hospital and every time we spoke to someone, who had to tell us the news, they had to ring every patient's family that day. That must've been such an awful thing to have to do.''

Nicky replied: ''I think as a cancer nurse you are used to having difficult and complex conversations, so the skillset is there and that becomes very transferable. It was very humbling experience really. We didn't realise the impact we would have both for the patient's family at home and for being that lifeline.''

The sisters - who are patrons of the Teenage Cancer Trust - were ''honoured'' to speak with the award winners.

Eugenie said: ''It has been a real honour for Beatrice and I to present these awards to such dedicated, kind and inspiring individuals. Hearing what it has been like working on the frontline, the personal stories that drive fundraising and how inspirational young people have campaigned in the face of adversity - and all during a global pandemic - will stay with us forever.''