Pop superstar Prince has won against his former girlfriend after his legal team proved he was the victim of a "spiteful lawsuit".

Interior designer CHARLENE FRIEND went to court to clear her name after claiming her reputation was wrecked by an angry letter from one of Prince's former attorneys, accusing her of trying to sell two of her ex's suits she had acquired by "fraud or theft".

Friend, who insists Prince gave her the suits as a keepsake when they were close 12 years ago, says, "One of his fans threatened to kill me. I've been insulted, humiliated and degraded."

But Prince's attorneys argued the plaintiff had failed to prosecute her case, claiming Friend's name was never mentioned in the case, accusing her of being spiteful towards him.

And authorities agreed and removed Prince and his PAISLEY PARK company from the case, leaving as a defendant only the lawyer who reportedly no longer works for the artist.

Friend insists she'll fight on, saying, "It's not over. My story will come out and I feel justice will prevail."

30/04/2003 10:34