Prince has become the latest big-name artist to remove his music from streaming services, in the latest act in his long standing suspicion of the internet. His back catalogue now cannot be played anywhere on the internet, except for the subscription-only service Tidal.

On Thursday (July 2nd), a message appeared on Prince’s Spotify artist page which read that his publisher had “asked all streaming services to remove his catalogue. We have cooperated with the request, and hope to bring his music back as soon as possible.”

PrincePrince has removed all his music from Spotify and other streaming sites

Minneapolis-born Prince, who broke through with his first albums in the late ‘70s, has had a distinctly mixed relationship with the internet. Though he initially embraced it as a method of distributing music, he declared in 2010 that the internet was “completely over” and released an album the same year (20Ten) as a free giveaway with copies of the Daily Mirror and Daily Record.

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However, Tidal is the one place you can still find his old music. The recently re-launched site, which has no free tier to its service, streamed the Purple One’s Rally 4 Peace in Baltimore back in May.

This latest move comes just two days after Apple Music, a new streaming site, was launched. Prince is now no longer on that site, even though Taylor Swift won her famous victory on behalf of artists last week in order to get the corporation to reverse its policy on its three-month-unpaid trial period.

Interestingly, Prince is still using SoundCloud as a means of distributing brand new music, releasing a shiny new song ‘HARDROCKLOVER’ even as he was taking down his back catalogue elsewhere. However, you can’t access any old Prince material via this method.

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