A 39 year old man currently imprisoned in Missouri has come forward with a claim that he’s the biological son of the late singer Prince, and has requested a DNA test to prove it, according to sensational new reports.

ABC News claims that Carlin Q. Williams, serving time in a federal prison in Colorado for weapons transport, filed a paternity claim against Prince’s estate in the form of an affidavit on Monday (May 9th) alleging that he is the singer’s “sole surviving heir”.

Williams maintains that his mother, Marsha Henson, had a one-night stand with Prince in July 1976 at a hotel in Kansas City, nine months before his birth on April 8th, 1977.

PrinceA man claiming to be Prince's son has requested DNA testing

Prince left behind no will when he died at his sprawling Paisley Park home and studio compound on April 21st, but his estate is believed to be worth approximately $250 million, with potential posthumous earnings of more than $100 million.

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The claim follows shortly after a Minnesota judge declared that Prince’s blood could undergo DNA testing. That order was given after a request from Bremer Bank and Trust, the organisation appointed to execute the singer’s estate, in order to clear up potential “parentage issues” (such as this) as it seeks to divide up his assets among his living relatives.

Formal hearings concerning the dividing-up of the estate began with his sister Tyka Nelson and other half-siblings last week. Both of Prince’s parents are deceased, and his only acknowledged child, a son whom he had with ex-wife Mayte Garcia in 1996, died only a week after his birth.

A woman claiming to be Prince’s half-sister has also come forward in the three weeks since his death, having filed court documents at the start of May that claim she should be a beneficiary in his estate.

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