Glastonbury organisers are adamant Prince ''isn't coming'' to this year's festival.

The 'Raspberry Beret' hitmaker, who was in talks to headline the event but pulled out because of ''social media rumours'' that he would be playing, will not make an appearance at Worthy Farm, according to Emily Eavis.

She claims the Friday 11am slot on The Other Stage hasn't been announced yet but fans will be disappointed to learn Prince will not be filling the spot.

Emily told NME magazine: ''I don't know who it is. There may well be some secret sets elsewhere, but Prince isn't coming.

''We always have conversations with Prince, every year. Maybe one day it will happen. For The Rolling Stones last year, we'd talked about doing it 10 years before. It's a timing thing for everyone.''

Emily, whose father Michael Eavis started the festival, claims there is a right time for someone to do it and it's not the right time for Prince.

She added: ''I think a lot of people want to see him here, and probably the more people ask him, the more he thinks no. But I don't know!''

Michael claims they wanted him to play but before he confirmed he got ''really upset'' because he thought the festival had advertised that he was playing.

Michael said: ''We hadn't, but with social media, rumours get everywhere, and one of those rumours was that Prince was coming. So he didn't want to do it in the end.''