Prince William has urged everyone to find people to talk to during difficult times.

The 40-year-old royal has spoken with England soccer stars Harry Kane and Declan Rice about the link between sport and mental health, and the importance of having a support network to lean on.

Appearing on soccer-based COPA90's discussion show Game of 5's, William said: "I've definitely got loads of friends whose relationship started off in a team, fighting for each other and wanting to do the best for the school, for each other and the team.

"It's really important we have those moments, we have those people in life who give us that support that means it's ok – because there's going to be plenty of times when it's not OK.

"When those moments come (you say), 'Let's have a beer, let's have a chat, let's sit down and have a chat or sit down and have a chat, or a cup of tea and have a natter about it because I've got something on my chest, or I'm bothered by this.'

"Having those people in life is very important."

He took the opportunity to highlight Shout, which is a 24-hour texting service for people who need to talk about "those darker moments".

William added: "it's important to have people who catch us a little bit when we're down."

The royal also reflected on his early experiences playing soccer at school, which he recalled involved multiple balls and dozens of players on the pitch.

He admitted: "It was carnage, chaos. I just thought it was really fun. That led me on to wanting to play more football. The sheer size and scale and just the fun of everyone running around chasing each other."

However, despite his enthusiasm for the sport, he was chosen as a defender rather than a leading man up front.

He added: "(I was) stuck at the back and told to tackle and 'don't put him near the front'.

"I played more football than I watched when I was younger. The playing was much more important. I have switched now because I'm getting older."