Prince William found it "really difficult" to watch England's football team lose.

The Prince of Wales - who is president of the FA - acknowledged "disappointment is a part of life" as he reflected on the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with being a soccer fan.

He said: “You learn by playing a number of times and many other things in life that disappointment is part of life and how you handle it is crucial. Handling some of those really disappointing England results in the past, that was hard, I found that really difficult, because again the same euphoria that we had comes crashing down… You feel high and all together, and then normal life just gets on again.”

The 40-year-old royal also spoke of the way feelings of self doubt can take a toll on a person's mental health.

He said: “It’s interesting the difference between self-belief and self-doubt, and what kind of route your life takes.

“You know, self belief is so crucial, but self doubt is always lurking on both sides of everyone’s lives, no matter what walk of life you are in. If you take the wrong path or if something happens that’s in none of your control, then that can end up in self doubt quite quickly, and then things can get much harder.”

William sat down with England players Harry Kane and Declan Rice, as well as presenter Kelvyn Quagraine for a special episode of COPA90's 'Game of 5s' to talk about the extreme pressures of playing football in the global spotlight and shared his own earliest memories of the game.

The Aston Villa fan cited Rio Ferdinand as an inspiration and told the group he was a defender at school so got “stuck in the back until I was tackled”.