Prince William has been praised for his ''incredible gift'' at putting people at ease.

The 38-year-old royal has been patron of homeless charity Centrepoint for 15 years and as well as public visits to highlight the work of the organisation, he also makes visits in private, where he gets the chance to speak with service users behind closed doors, and has always impressed staff with his conversation skills.

Chief executive officer at Centrepoint, Seyi Obakin, said: ''Those private visits are time when traumatised and vulnerable people are freer in his presence...

''He comes and he chats with young people, because that's when he's able to motivate and inspire on a one-to-one basis. He encourages young people to reach out to wherever their talents might take them.

''Prince William has an incredible gift, a talent, to put people at ease.

''I have seen young people chatting to him like old friends within minutes, I don't think many people can do that.''

''The most powerful thing when he visits is that he can be so informal and easy to get on with.

''If you are a young person, often what happens is you don't even know he's coming. You hear that Prince William is here. The first thing that happens, is you can get quite nervous - you'll lost for words.

''But his own informality helps young people to break that down.

''He can have great conversations with young people that are really helpful to them. It's an incredible thing, that he's able to do that.

''I was at an event with him several years ago and he met this young person. She knew he was coming and she had completely clammed up and couldn't get her words out.

''The prince bends down and whispered into the ears of this young person and it was like a flood gate. She started talking and couldn't stop. That's what it's like.''

William regularly checks in on the progress made by the people he has spoken to in the past through the charity.

Seyi told the Mirror Online: ''He must meet thousands of people every year, and yet he has this incredible capacity to remember those he's met and ask after them several months later.

''Imagine you're a young person, and you find yourself cooking, eating and chatting with Prince William in private.

''Imagine what that does to motivate you. Knowing also, that in three months time, he might be asking how you're getting on. It's hugely powerful and inspiring.

''We've lucky to have him in our corner.''

The prince doesn't even mind if people don't recognise him.

Sey recalled one young person staring at William before saying: ''You look like somebody famous. You look like Prince William.''

William replied: ''Yeah, yeah, a lot of people have said that before.''