Prince William has praised the 15 finalists of the 2022 Earthshot Prize for providing "many reasons to be optimistic about the future of our planet."

The Prince of Wales led the Earthshot Prize Council, which includes Queen Rania of Jordan, Cate Blanchett and Sir David Attenborough, in selecting the finalists who stand a chance of making the final five, who will each be rewarded $1 million towards their climate change solutions.

Among the 15 finalists is an all-female Kenyan start-up that makes cleaner-burning stoves, which don't require charcoal.

Charlot Magayi, founder and CEO of Mukuru Clean Stoves, said: "Women are the ones who are most impacted by household air pollution and energy poverty on the continent [of Africa]. So being able to empower them to distribute a solution that helps prevent that, mitigate the risks of climate change, but also keep their children safe, is very exciting for me. For me, that's the most important part of it."

From Hong Kong, The Ampd Enertainer has come up with an electric battery energy storage system powering construction sites without fossil fuels.

And The Great Bubble Barrier (Netherlands) has designed a technology that pushes out masses of bubbles to form a curtain to pull plastics to the water's surface before any harm is done.

In a statement issued to PEOPLE, William said: "The innovators, leaders, and visionaries that make up our 2022 Earthshot Finalists prove there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future of our planet. They are directing their time, energy, and talent towards bold solutions with the power to not only solve our planet's greatest environmental challenges, but to create healthier, more prosperous, and more sustainable communities for generations to come."

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge will travel to Boston in December to unveil the five winners.

He added: "I am so excited to celebrate these 15 Finalists and see the five Winners of The Earthshot Prize announced in Boston – the hometown of President John F. Kennedy, who shared The Earthshot Prize's belief that seemingly impossible goals are within reach if we only harness the limitless power of innovation, human ingenuity, and urgent optimism."