British royal Prince Harry struggled at school because he suffers from dyslexia. The 22-year-old heir made the confession to British TV presenter JEREMY CLARKSON, who recently joined Harry and girlfriend CHELSY DAVY on holiday in the Caribbean. Army officer Harry - soon to head to Iraq with his Blues + Royals regiment - confided in Clarkson his hurt at untrue rumours of his partying lifestyle, and demonstrated how difficult his life is under the watchful eye of the world's media. Clarkson writes in British newspaper The Sun, "It's astonishing. All they do, all day, is worry about the lenses that lurk in every bush. "I suppose, in a way, it's good training for his forthcoming trip to Iraq. If he can dodge the press corps in Barbados, he'll have no trouble dodging the insurgents in Iraq." In his newspaper column Clarkson described spending several days with Harry and Chelsy hiding out in their hotel room and playing scrabble - despite the Prince's confession about his dyslexia. He also blasted press reports of the pair's wild spending and heavy nightclubbing. He adds, "For a while, it's fun. It makes you feel self-important having all those people hunting you down. But by the third day I was bored witless by the whole charade. And Harry's going to have to put up with it for the rest of his life. "He asked me to write about what it's like from his side of the cameras."