The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall encountered another UK institution when they visited the DC Thompson and Co in Dundee and met up with the Bash Street Kids. The royals were immortalized in The Beano comic strip, each starring in their own adventure with Dennis the Menace, Roger the Dodger and the rest of the gang. Prince Charles popped into the Bash Street cafeteria and, after finding the food inedible, persuaded the kids to grow their own veggies and eat healthier food. Camilla meanwhile, opens the new school library and shows the kids the joys of reading.

The editor of the Beano comic strip, Craig Graham, said for the Guardian newspaper that he had been nervous about portraying the royals, but hoped that they would appreciate the homage none the less: "Often we're a little bit nervous because we do, by the nature of things, have to caricature people.

"But they were both absolutely delighted with their likenesses and hugely impressed to be involved with characters like Dennis the Menace and Roger the Dodger".

The couple were presented with framed prints of the strip and the episodes will even be featured in the latest edition of the Beano. They aren’t the first royals to be featured though – last year the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge beat them to it during their own visit to the publishing company.

Prince Charles, Odeon Leicester SquareDuchess of Cornwall, Classical Brit Awards 2009
The couple thoroughly enjoyed their visit.