Prince Charles joked with catwalk model Cara Delevingne at a masked ball on Tuesday (9th July). The model's tattoo, located on her hand, was the object of amusement and fascination as the pair chatted at the London event. 

Prince CharlesPrince Charles at Royal Ascot.

The model felt she had to apologise for her recent lion tattoo when she shook the Prince's hand. Much to Prince Charles' amusement Delevingne even went so far as to ask the Prince if he had any tattoos. 

It would be safe to assume he doesn't - or at least let's hope not! What would his mother say...

The 20-year-old reduced the grandfather-to-be to tears after telling him her other tattoo reads 'Made in England'. The model did not disclose where on her body this particular tattoo is placed. 

Poppy and Cara Delevingne
Poppy and Cara Delevingne after the animal masked ball at which Cara had met Prince Charles.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla showed a mischievous side to their marriage by posing for the cameras wearing their animal themed masks. The Prince wore a gold mark with a lion crawling up the side whilst Camilla wore a matching silver one with an elephant. 

However, Charles does not appear to have been very comfortable in his mask. According to a Marie Claire source the Prince was overheard saying "I am slightly anxious about this thing, I can't see a thing"". 

Kate Middleton and Prince William's child is due sometime in mid-July - any day now! - So Prince Charles seems to be distracting himself and celebrating with pretty young things! This is not the first time this month that Charles has sauntered into the sphere of popular culture: he visited the Doctor Who set at the start of July.

Prince Charles and Camilla
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and her husband Prince Charles outside the Doctor Who studios in Cardiff.