Prince Charles' ''unique experience'' of having coronavirus will help shape the royal family's return to work.

The 71-year-old prince tested positive for the respiratory condition in March after experiencing ''mild symptoms'', and with discussions between himself, his mother Queen Elizabeth, and son Prince William, focusing on how official duties can resume, insiders revealed his illness has been shaping his decisions.

The royal trio have been holding regular video calls and are said to be ''raring to go'' after contacting various UK charities to offer their help in person ''when given the green light''.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''The Queen has always maintained the family 'must be seen to be believed' and this is very much the core belief right now.

''They are all in regular contact over Zoom and FaceTime and have all instructed aides to be fully engaged in scheduling a return public business as soon as possible, but only when the time is right.

''The Prince is chomping at the bit to return as are the rest of the family.

''He feels fit and healthy and undoubtedly his unique experience within the family of having been through the illness is shaping his decisions of how things will look in the future.''

Insiders believe Charles and William's ideas, including taking steps to carry out official duties via video link - including each of them opening NHS Nightingale temporary hospital facilities in April - will revolutionise how the royal family operates in the future.

The source said: ''There is a lock step in thinking that now, more than ever, the family must have a united front to get them through the crisis and beyond.

''Whether it's the complete lift and shift of bringing their work into the digital world or working out how they will be best placed to help the country heal after the crisis is over.

''Right from the very top, the plan is to get back to their public facing roles when they are given the green light.''