A television drama about Prince Charles and CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall will not contain any sex scenes, to avoid upsetting the British royal family.

WHATEVER LOVE MEANS, which will air on UK TV network ITV1 next month (DEC05), follows the couple's first meeting in 1971 to the day Charles married the late DIANA, Princess Of Wales in 1981.

But the show's makers have refused to compromise their artistic vision with any smutty onscreen romps.

The programme's producer JOLYON SYMONDS says, "It is a very sensitive issue and we did not want to antagonise anyone.

"Sex scenes are a turn-off for many. They do not tell you anything about the characters.

"They are not necessary to tell the love story of Charles and Camilla, even though I accept they must have had a very passionate relationship.

"People might think it old-fashioned, but because the royals are involved there has to be a degree of sensitivity. Anything more would have been cheap sensationalism.

"And there was the danger the sight of the royal bottom going up and down would leave us open to ridicule."

Charles and Camilla wed earlier this year (05).