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Primavera Sound Festival 2016 - Live Review Live Review

Thursday: As you walk the steady incline up to the festival site, chatter sparks from...

Primavera Sound 2013 - Live Review Live Review

Barcelona: arguably the most picturesque city in Europe. Situated on the Mediterranean coast in the...

Primavera Sound Festival 2013 - Preview Feature

It's May and festival season is upon us, which means it will soon be time...

Primavera Sound Festival, 2012 Live Review Live Review

Heralded as the highpoint of Europe's busy festival season and rightly so, the 2012 edition...

Primavera Sound Festival - Poble Espanyol/Parc Del Forum, Barcelona 25-29 May 2011 Live Review

With more festivals to choose from than Tesco Mobile stores popping up in the centre...

Primavera Sound Festival - 2011 Preview Feature

Wading through the growing number of festivals strewn throughout Europe there's a familiar look to...

Primavera Sound Festival, 2010 Live Review Live Review

They say the Spanish are a race of people who wave their hands and say...

Primavera Sound Festival - 2010 Feature

Not many festivals can claim to have snowballed on the same scale as Primavera Sound....

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