Touring with hedonistic Scottish rockers Primal Scream was a dependency nightmare for DEPECHE MODE'S heroin-using singer.

The two UK bands toured together in 1994, and Depeche singer Dave Gahan found his spiral into heroin sue uncontrollable.

The PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE singer recalls, "On the road, it was insane, there were maybe 150 people working for us and I couldn't tell you the names of 10 of them.

"People were falling off rigs, dying... there was always some drama going on. So I anaesthetised myself. I got dependent and wasn't aware of it. It was a constant party for a couple of years."

However, the PAPER MONSTERS composer is adamant he was not the only one to fall victim to the temptations on tour.

He adds, "All of us were losing it - it wasn't just me. There was focus on me becasue I think I was the most honest about it. I'd take pride in telling you I just shot heroin, y'know? Somehow, to me, telling you meant I was being honest. But that's what the drug will do to you - false bravado and strength."

20/06/2003 19:35