THE Pretenders star Chrissie Hynde was reluctant to take part in the 2011 Pepsi Fan Jam on the eve of the Super Bowl (05Feb11) - because she feared the live telecast across America would remind people who she was.
The rocker has never courted fame and still feels uncomfortable when fans recognise her - so performing with country queen Faith Hill on the CMT Crossroads special was something she had to think long and hard about.
She says, "I didn't get in this game to get famous; it made me cry when I realised that would happen. I've always been uncomfortable with it. If I'm recognised on the street it always surprises me.
"That's precisely why I don't like doing things like this on camera, because it makes me more recognisable - and this has blown my cover."
And she admits she could retire at any minute: "I'm always on the cusp of wanting to get out of the game because I'm so uncomfortable with it."
But the Fan Jam concert in Texas went well, with Hynde and Hill performing on each other's hits like Brass in Pocket, Middle of the Road, Cry and This Kiss. At the end of the hour-long special, which aired live, the rocker told Hill, "I love you", before telling fans she'd enjoyed the experience.