Australian rockers Powderfinger took to the skies for their latest gig - they performed a set on a flight Down Under on Thursday (28Oct10).
The band, who will split when their farewell tour ends next month (Nov10), flew from Sydney to the Gold Coast on a Jetstar plane to raise cash for the Yalari charity, which funds education for indigenous children.
Fans paid up to $9,770 (£6,513) to enjoy the high-altitude show, which saw the group play at the front of the jet in front of 140 passengers, while cabin crew members reportedly danced in the aisles.
Singer Bernard Fanning says, "There wasn't much room up there for big-stage moves. I couldn't pull many shapes. This tour we've done lots of things for the first time, in terms of places we've been to and the size of the tour, but I never expected to be playing a gig in the sky."
But the rockers remain adamant they will still go their separate ways after their last concert in Brisbane on 13 November (10).
Fanning adds, "It's getting closer now, but we haven't been thinking about it because we're so busy. There are years and years to get emotional and look back. Maybe the last show might get to us a bit, but we're purely focused on trying to put on the best shows."