Retired rockers Powderfinger are set to reunite to put together a book detailing the band's 20-year career.
The Australian group, which formed in 1989, played its last ever show in November (10) and stepped away from the music scene, but they will now tell all about their time in the spotlight in the band's first ever book, which will chart their rise to fame.
The tome, titled Footprints, will be written with the help of journalist Dino Scatena, who tells the Sydney Morning Herald, "They are genuinely five of the sweetest, humblest and funniest guys you'll meet in rock 'n' roll. That won't come as a shock to anyone who knows anything about Powderfinger. What will surprise is the story these very private men finally share here about their extraordinary 20 years together."
The book is due for release in November (11).