In the past, actress Portia de Rossi has clearly stated that she and her wife Ellen DeGeneres do not want or plan to have children, but even though they are more than happy with their decision, many of her fans don't feel the same way.

Potia de Rossi
de Rossi debunked baby rumours while appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' 

While appearing on Thursday's (Oct 16th) episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' de Rossi explained her decision not to become a mother with Ellen, whom she married at their Beverly Hills home back in 2008.

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"It's been a while," the host Jimmy Kimmel said, "I haven't seen you for a little bit of time." To which de Rossi replied, "Actually, I think the last time we saw each other, we were in bed together. It was you, me and Ellen."

"My first and only threesome," the talk-show host joked. "That's right. We shot something for the Oscars show when Ellen was hosting."

"And then, you had a baby!" de Rossi said. "Oh! That's right! Which one of you got me pregnant?" Kimmel added.

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After she and Kimmel spoke about his three month-old daughter, the comedian then asked the actress about the "rumors that (she) and Ellen are going to have a baby."

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen and Portia have been married since 2008

"Oh, gosh," she said. "It's just one big rumor that doesn't seem to go away, and at this point, I feel like I'm disappointing the whole of America, not just my mother, you know? It's true. The tabloids are at me. My mother's at me."

This is the second time this week de Rossi has been forced to set the record straight on the baby rumours, on Tuesday (Oct 14th) she appeared on her wife's talk show to confirm they will not be becoming mothers.