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Port O'Brien
All We Could Do Was Sing
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Port O'Brien All We Could Do Was Sing Album

Port O'Brien are a bit special, there's plenty of bands out at the moment proving that there's much desire for folk with an American edge - look no further than Akron/ Family or Yeasayer - well let's hope Port O'Brien are welcomed in such a way.

The heart of Port O'Brien comes from singer songwriter Van Pierszalowski, as well as providing Port O'Brien with their musical requirements, Pierszalowski spends 3 months a year on his dads fishing boat, fishing for Alaska's finest salmon. Though highly influenced by his surroundings, 'All We Could Do Was Sing' isn't all sea shanties, he's created a genuinely moving album brimming with folk, group chanting and stompers that will make you want to join in.

All We Could Do Was Sing is definitely not short of heart, like The Mountain Goats, this music is timeless, yet it fits perfectly with many of the bands around at the moment. The album was recorded at the same place Death Cab For Cutie use, the Tiny Telephone Recording Studio and it's turned out beautifully, it couldn't have a more fitting title either, it really does encourage crowd participation. Album of the week.


Mike Rea

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