The leader of the Catholic Church, who is currently touring America, will feature on the new album Wake Up!, which is the brainchild of producer Don Giulio Neroni.

His Holiness will speak in Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese over music composed by various artists on all 11 tracks.

The title track, Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!, features a prog-rock-esque tune with heavy guitar accompaniment over a speech Pope Francis gave in South Korea last year (14).

Tony Pagliuca, the track's composer, insists he was thrilled when Neroni asked him to get involved.

"In the '70s, I founded the prog-rock band Le Orme and topped the charts, toured Italy and U.K. and had the chance to collaborate with international artists like Peter Hammil and David Jackson," he tells Rolling Stone magazine.

"During the years, I also made an important journey of faith. When Don Giulio Neroni asked me to collaborate on this CD, I immediately accepted with enthusiasm. Putting my music in the service of the words and the voice of Pope Francis has been a fantastic experience and a very interesting artistic challenge."

Wake Up! will be released in November (15).