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Madonna: The Pope Would Love My Shows

Madonna thinks Pope Francis would love her concerts.The 'Living For Love' singer believes the Catholic Church leader is much more open-minded than some of his predecessors so would enjoy her 'Rebel Heart Tour' shows, despite...

Mark Wahlberg: Pope Francis Loves Ted

Pope Francis is a big fan of the Mark Wahlberg movie 'Ted'.The 44-year-old actor attended the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia on Saturday (26.09.15) and revealed the leader of the Catholic Church is a...

Mark Wahlberg Asks Pope's Forgiveness

Mark Wahlberg asked Pope Francis to forgive him for his 'Ted' movies.The 44-year-old actor attended the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia on Saturday (26.09.15) and joked he hoped God had a ''sense of humour''...

Cool Pope Features On New Prog-rock Album

The leader of the Catholic Church, who is currently touring America, will feature on the new album Wake Up!, which is the brainchild of producer Don Giulio Neroni. His Holiness will speak...

Pope Francis Gives Choir Permission To Record In The Sistine Chapel

The leader of the Catholic church has given Deutsche Grammophon officials special permission to capture the world-premiere recording of the original version of Allegri's Miserere within the walls of the chapel in Vatican...

Pope Francis Gives Children's Author A Boost After Book Is Banned In Venice Schools

In Piccolo Uovo, Francesca Pardi explores different types of families - including same-sex couples - and the book appears to be popular at the Vatican, but Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has decided that...

Angelina Jolie Meets Pope Francis

Angelina Jolie has met with Pope Francis.The 39-year-old actress was ''honoured'' to be invited to the Vatican to meet with the head of the Catholic church this morning (08.01.15) and screen her movie 'Unbroken' -...

Pope Francis Cancels Meeting With Noah Team

Pope Francis has cancelled a meeting with the creative team behind 'Noah'.Paramount vice chair Rob Moore, director Darren Aronofsky and Hollywood star Russell Crowe were hoping to to schedule a photo-op with leader of...

Russell Crowe Wants To Screen Noah For The Pope

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe has launched a campaign to have his new biblical epic Noah screened for Pope Francis.The Gladiator star plays the title role in Darren Aronofsky's new film, which is based on the...

Pope Francis Looks To Move Church Away From Homosexuality, Contraception And Abortion

Pope Francis has called for a change to the way the Catholic Church is perceived in the wider public eye, saying that it is time to call off the witch hunts against gays and abortionists...

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