Pop Idol and American Idol judge Simon Cowell has landed a role as himself in the upcoming DVD version of Shrek 2.

The grumpy Brit will appear animated in a medieval Idol talent contest, in which he'll judge a singing tournament between fairytale characters the GINGERBREAD MAN, PINOCCHIO and the THREE LITTLE PIGS.

Cowell says, "When they said you get to judge a singing competition involving pigs, a gingerbread man, Pinocchio and a donkey, how can you say no to that? "In fact they're better than some of the singers on American Idol.

"I told Pinocchio he's wooden, and after the gingerbread thing sings, I say, 'What's next, the singing doughnut?'"

The hilarious contest is one of the additional items on the Shrek 2 DVD release, which hits shelves around the globe on 5 November (04).

08/10/2004 09:11