Review of Other Too Endless Single by Polly Scattergood

Review of Polly Scattergood's single 'Other Too Endless' released through Mute.

Polly Scattergood Other Too Endless Single

So what choice for women in the music biz as the noughties staggers to a close? Not much. Between Dickensian post-ladette (Nash, Allen), primped stripper Barbie (Girls Aloud) or diva banality (Beyonce, Spears) the career opportunity cake is pretty much cut up.

Answer? Ignore the crumbs and plough your own furrow, a decision which Polly Scattergood clearly came to a couple of years ago. From Essex but as vulnerably waif-like and stereotype bashing as you like, she's clearly relishing this kooky maverick thing, epitomised by the breathy, art-pop delivery of Other Too Endless. The thing is, all the tired and emotional frailty is usurped by a thumpingly uplifting synth riff that renders everything high on chart bothering potential - despite her obvious fixation with Tori Amos.

Those who like their music less likely to be co-opted onto a Rimmel ad will prefer extra track Crystal Breaks, a more challenging cocktail of throbbing white noise holding hands with AFX lite laptop-poetry. The next Kate Bush she may not prove to be, but Polly Scattergood is proof that the terms complicated and interesting shouldn't always be mutually exclusive.

Andy Peterson

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