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Love Toy
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PlantLife Love Toy Single

Of the myriad of artists that have been compared to Prince since his re-invention as a commercially viable proposition, I doubt many have as deeper understanding of his oeuvre than Plantlife. On new single 'Love Toy', the strong guitar-led rhythm in the verse brings to mind Princes first big hit 'I Wanna Be Your Lover', the double-tracked vocals and cheeky refrain (sexy girl, I wanna f*ck you!') wouldn't be out of place on *Dirty Mind' or 'Controversy', and the space-funk guitar solo could only have been played by someone well acquainted with the Zeppelinisms of the 'Purple Rain' album.

These elements are combined in such a way that they become both an expert homage and original proposition, with some inspired drum production, guitar and synth stabs bringing the overall sound into the 21 Century. It has a depth and humour that elevates it way above the dull 'ironic' electro funk that Calvin Harris, Simian Mobile Disco and CSS have recently polluted the airwaves with. The talents of main man Jack Splash have not gone unnoticed, having recently provided tracks and production for Missy Elliot, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Estelle. He is also about to collaborate on a new project called 'The Heart Attack' with Cee-Lo 'Gnarls Barkley' Green, who should provide the perfect counterfoil and take his work to another level. Until then, this single and the forthcoming Plantlife album 'Time Traveller' provide an excellent stopgap.

Andrew Sockanathan

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