Plan B told his estranged father to get the ''f**k out of his life'' when he reunited with him in 2009.

The 28-year-old rapper slammed his dad, Paul Ballance - who used to front punk band the Warm Jets in the 70s before becoming an evangelical Christian - when he got back in touch with him three years ago after Paul walked out on the musician, his sister and mother when the 'She Said' hitmaker was six years old.

He said: ''[My father] made excuses. Basically it was all my mum's fault, it had nothing to do with him, my mum could have found him if she wanted. He tried to tell me that a load of memories I have of when I was a kid were distorted versions of the truth that my mother planted inside my and my sister's heads to poison us against him. I told him to f**k off, to get the f**k out of my life.''

The 'Sweeney' star hasn't spoken to his father since that day and penned the track 'I Don't Hate You' - which features the lyrics, ''Sixteen years since you went searching for the holy ghost/ And got lost along the way like money in the post ... I don't hate you I don't love you neither/ You mean nothing to me/ You're just another geezer'' - about his dad.

But the rapper-turned-actor - whose real name is Ben Drew - insists he is happier this year compared to 2011 after making his directorial debut in drama movie 'Ill Manors', but he admits the added workload has made him feel ''tired''.

He added: ''I ain't unhappy. I'm not depressed or nothing. I'm just, um ... just tired, you know.''