Plan B was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Who and Jimi Hendrix to succeed as a musician.

The 'iLL Manors' rapper grew up in the Forest Gate area of London, and while he found it tough, he kept thinking of people that had stayed there and made it, like Arnold, who trained at the local Wag Bennett's Gym before winning the Mr Universe body building competition.

The Who also opened the area's The Upper Cut Club, where The Small Faces played as house band. It was also the place where Jimi Hendrix wrote his huge hit 'Purple Haze'.

Plan B - real name Ben Drew - told Q Magazine: ''Growing up hearing these stories, I thought, F**k if they lived here and made something of their lives, then I can.

''It was a perfect balance: There was a crime, but there was also musical history, good schools, and nature.''

The musician was also inspired by the local jungle music scene which emerged in the 90s, and - although it would appear unlikely - all girl pop band The Spice Girls.

He added: ''Jungle music came from there and I f***ing loved it. It was inspirational. Especially when, at the time, the Spice Girls was just everywhere and I thought, 'If these jokers can do it, then I can do it.'

''But then I was lucky. I had a very obvious talent.''