Review of American Nights Album by Plain White T's

When Plain White T's landed a massive trans-Atlantic hit with 'Hey There Delilah', you'd have been forgiven for thinking they would become a huge success story.  Unfortunately for them, this has not been the case, and whilst they're certainly no one-hit wonder, it's fair to say their profile has since declined.  Now onto album seven, the release will be supported with a quartet of North American shows in April.

Plain White T's American Nights Album

The title track that gives this record its name opens the album and it's difficult not to think that it could be a One Direction track. just not a very good one.  Up-tempo guitar pop, it fails to inspire in the slightest, so the arrival of 'Pause' is welcome. Using a tried and trusted "oh oh" hook, it's simple and does the required job so well they revisit it later on 'Dance Off-Time', a surprisingly pleasant turn toward folk. Much of the remainder of this release is rather ineffectual, but 'Stay' and 'Someday You're Gonna Love Me' stand out for the wrong reasons. The former is light soul in which they bizarrely ask a girl who has done them wrong to love them, while the latter is downright creepy. Convincing yourself that someone you love will love you one day is just about acceptable, but not when the opening lines twice reference her to go be young and not understanding - it's like Gary Puckett & The Union all over again. With this being the strongest impression made, it is safe to say that Plain White T's are unlikely to be back in the limelight any time soon. The terrible record sleeve also doesn't do this album any favours.


Alex lai

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