The New York City Opera is in dire straits and will likely have to declare bancrupcy on Monday. Earlier this week, the Times reported that the Opera had raised an appeal for donations toward its goal of $7 million, which would prevent the bankruptcy. The City Opera’s board had a meeting this week, facing the possibility of a season it couldn’t pay for. As of this week, the Opera had raised just $1.5 million of its goal.

According to Broadway World, an email from General Manager and Artistic Director notes that the company has gotten slightly closer, now reaching $2 million: "We have just finished our successful run of Anna Nicole, and raised $2 million towards our target of $7 million, however there is only one day left to make a difference and help keep NYC Opera in business.”

Currently, it looks like the Opera will not be able to meet the goal, meaning that it will have to begin bankruptcy proceedings as of this Monday. The Kickstarter campaign to save the Opera is still open, and any willing benefactors can donate here, with all donations payable only if the goal is reached on time.

Placido Domingo, who had some of his earlier performances at the City Opera, backed the appeal, telling the Associated Press: "My early performances with New York City Opera were what really kicked off my international career, and I look back on those days with enormous pride. The company has done incredible work for so many decades, and it has played an essential role in New York's cultural scene for millions of opera lovers. It would be an absolute tragedy for that legacy to come to an end."