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Placebo Meds Single

Picture the scene. Strange claustrophobia. A slightly frenetic strumming on the acoustic guitar. Brian Molko's distinctive whine. Reassuringly familiar as Placebo you may think?

No, this is something different. This is possibly the most grandiose, extravagant and inspiring noise Placebo have made for many a year. Meds starts low-key, but builds to a soaring, impassioned, almost post-rock crescendo, with the refrain 'Did you forget to take your meds?' Musically, as well as lyrically, this is the aural equivalent of the pressure and noise that must surely be felt inside your head when you do indeed forget to take your medication.

The addition of Alison Mosshart on vocals is inspired, adding the required air of paranoia to the overall theme, and subtlety complementing Brian's distinctive tones.

Proof positive that Placebo can still cut it amongst all the newcomers. Fantastic stuff.

Richard Edge

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