Pixie Lott wishes she was in Ed Sheeran's latest music video.

The 23-year-old singer - who is currently competing on UK TV show 'Strictly Come Dancing' - thinks the short film for 'Thinking Out Loud', which features the red-headed star ballroom dancing with Brittany Cherry is ''beautiful'' and she would have loved to have performed with him.

She said: ''Oh, my God! I love his video. I was mind-blown when I saw it. I think he's so cool that he did that. He obviously worked really hard and that dance is just so beautiful, and obviously since this show, I've sort of got this new appreciation for dance and how hard it is, especially a dance like that. I think it's just beautiful. I love it. I wish I was the girl in the video.''

While she is working hard on 'Strictly', Pixie is also looking forward to Christmas and admitted she and her siblings have an unusual musical festive tradition.

She explained to Kirsteen O'Sullivan on Magic Radio's Breakfast Show 'Magic in the Morning': ''I am the biggest Christmas person ever, so I love everything about Christmas.

''So I think the biggest tradition in my family is probably every Christmas Eve. Me and my brother and my sister, we've had these stockings since we were born, and we put them on our heads - they're like knitted - and we dance around the lounge to 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' by Bruce Springsteen.

''We know all the words now, because we've done it since we were babies, and we still do it now.''