Pixie Lott's festival must-haves are wet-wipes, wellingtons and smokey eyes.

The 'Nasty' singer has offered a list of tips to music-lovers that include remembering to pack waterproofs, boxed wine, sunscreen and even toilet roll, and the fashion-conscious star says to ''focus on eyes and hair'' to stand-out from the crowd.

She said: ''Focus on the eyes for festivals - your lips wear off. Have fun! I've drawn on little hearts, stuck on diamantes around my eyes. I've had sunflowers drawn on my face. The 60s thing. A smoky drawn-out eye. I love doing it on myself.

Pixie, 24 - who is inspired by 1960's fashion - recalled her favourite festival hair and loves experimenting with flowers.

She said: ''At festivals MAC's body art team have done flowers wrapped round my legs. Shove flowers in your hair, tie bandanas around it, put loads of plaits in it. Make it as messy and big as possible! I love experimenting with styles like little plaits and little ribbons with bows. At a festival you can go crazy and do what you want.

And the star won't be forgetting a pair of shades while partying in V Festival's Virgin Media Louder Lounge next weekend.

She said: ''You always need shades for the sun and if your eyes get hazy from a late night or no sleep weekend! I have some crazy fun pineapple ones and some chic Fendi ones.''