Pixie Lott is desperate to escape her overprotective parents to save her love life.

The 'Mama Do' singer is ready to flee her family home in Brentwood, Essex, so she can enjoy her newfound fame and find a boyfriend in London.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I really want to move to London. I love my parents but I think it would be great to buy a flat and live with friends in the city. I hate having to get the train into London - I want to be there all the time! I love it! Plus I'm 18 now, so I think it would be a really, really fun thing to do. Oh my God, the parties!"

Pixie's number one track 'Mama Do' - which she co-wrote - is about sneaking out of home late at night for romantic trysts with secret boyfriends, something the 18-year-old starlet can relate to.

She said: "I can really relate to the lyrics. But I am single at the moment. If someone comes along though, that will be great. Who knows what will happen when I move out?"

Pixie realised it was time to getaway from her parents, mother Beverley and father Steve, after her mother stepped in and gave lothario Russell Brand the brush off when he tried to flirt with her.

Pixie recently explained: "I was coming back from Los Angeles and I was on one of those buses that takes you from the plane to the airport. I knew he was on our plane and was like, 'Oh my God, it's Russell Brand.' He was over one side of the bus and I was over the other side. He just walked through all these people while looking at me and went, 'You're pretty!' I was like, 'Er, thanks!'

"But you know what, I would date him. Just for the fun of it, because he's a bit crazy."

Watch the video for 'Mama Do' here!