Pixie Lott has come in for heavy criticism on social media after she appeared to be laughing during a Remembrance event over the weekend.

The 24 year old singer was standing next to veteran rocker Rod Stewart at Saturday’s televised Festival of Remembrance (November 7th) at the Royal Albert Hall, and the pair at one point seemed to share a glance, with Lott bearing a huge and rather out-of-place grin as she stifled her giggles while they were supposed to be singing the hymn 'Great is Thy Faithfulness'.

Pixie LottPixie Lott has been accused of laughing and being disrespectful during the televised Remembrance concert

Her apparent mirthfulness drew a backlash as several viewers spotted her, with many accusing her of being disrespectful and only attending the event in order to boost her public profile, as she also performed a song at the BBC-broadcasted evening. “Now Pixie Lott isn't singing the hymn. Why are you there? Clearly not an ounce of respect. Disgusting #FestivalofRemembrance,” one outraged viewer wrote.

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The annual event is held in honour of the fallen troops who lost their lives fighting for Britain and the Commonwealth in all world conflicts.

Stewart, who also performed, seems to be exempt from most of the criticism, with some people defending him on the basis that he didn’t appear to be in on the joke.

After the event, Lott took to Twitter to pay tribute to the fallen, including members of her own family: “Remember those who fought for us including my family members. Loved meeting those who still are today and their families @PoppyLegion.” However, this remark did little to lessen the fury, with many accusing of opportunism.

In response, Lott’s spokesperson told Mirror Celebs on Monday: “Pixie was incredibly honoured to be asked to perform at The Festival Of Remembrance. Pixie is hugely supportive of The British Armed Forces and The Royal British Legion, and has the utmost respect for them. Pixie is involved with The Royal British Legion in various ways every year as it means so much to her and her family.”

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