Pixie Lott is getting broody.

The 29-year-old singer admitted that working as a coach on 'The Voice Kids' has made her want to start a family with fiance Oliver Cheshire.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I'm a big family girl, a very big family girl. Family is everything for me so I would love to have my own family when I can find the time. When the time is right I would love that. It's such an amazing thing to have.''

Pixie and Oliver were due to tie the knot this year, but they have postponed their wedding because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She explained: ''We were planning to have our wedding this year and now ¬everything is so up in the air, we've just delayed it.

''There's still a lot of planning behind the scenes but we are waiting for the time there are no restrictions and rules, because we don't really want to have that on the special day.

''We're having a little look around and waiting for when we can do it without the rules and restrictions.''

Pixie previously revealed she and Oliver want to wait to hold their wedding, until all of their friends and family can join them.

She said: ''It's so tough to make any plans for anyone at the moment, this year was finally the year when we had planned to make it all happen in September, but obviously because of the situation we can't really book anything yet.

''We've got quite a big family and it's all restricted at the moment, so I have to wait until the rules relax a bit.''