The Lonely singer was slapped with legal action from Arab musician Tamer Hosny last year (14), amid claims Akon had reneged on a $300,000 (£187,500) deal for the hitmaking pair to appear in the promo for his new song, Arabian Knight.

Hosny alleged the no-show by Pitbull cost him $100,000 (£62,500) in equipment rental fees and a day's pay for the video crew, and demanded compensation, but Akon insisted he never agreed to have Pitbull appear in the promo and asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

He also disputed the amount he was paid for his involvement, revealing Hosny only gave him $145,000 (£90,625) to provide vocals for the track.

The motion for dismissal was reportedly denied and earlier this month (Jun15), Hosny filed documents listing Pitbull among those he plans to call to testify in the trial, according to