Pitbull's life ''changed'' because of a school teacher.

The 36-year-old musician has hinted the best advice he has ever received throughout his life is from a supportive teacher, because she advised him the ''biggest risk'' in life is not to take one and to live with the regret and constant questioning as to what could have happened.

Speaking at a school fundraiser, which took place at the Kravis Center as part of the Palm Beach State College Foundation's STEAM initiative, in Florida, on Wednesday (01.02.17), he said: ''[She told me] 'The biggest risk you take in life is not taking one.'

''She changed my life.''

And the 'Rain Over Me' hitmaker has advised young adults to make the most of the vast amount of opportunities around them in America and to take ''full advantage'' of all of them.

He continued: ''Do your very best, you were born in the United States of America so take full advantage of every opportunity, take full advantage of your freedom.''

And the star has admitted aside from his teacher's words of wisdom basketball also saved him.

He said: ''If it wasn't for basketball to keep me out of a lot of trouble.

''Basketball was my escape and music was my saviour.''