Now U.S. leaders have relaxed embargoes with Cuba, allowing stars to plan concerts there after a decades-long ban, the Florida-based entertainer is looking forward to performing in Havana, where his family once lived.

"To be able to perform in Cuba would not only be living the dream, it would be living the dream for my family," the Timber hitmaker tells U.S. network CNBC. "My father, my grandfather, everybody that wants a Cuba libre, and Cuba libre not just being a drink, but Cuba libre being like, wow.

"To be able to enjoy that, I can't even put that in words to be honest with you, but it's gonna happen (and) it's going to be historical.

"It's going to be three or four million people watching, saying, 'Look what he did with the opportunity of freedom, just imagine what you guys are gonna be able to do'."