Pirates Of The Caribbean star Orlando Bloom experienced love at first sight when he bumped into future girlfriend Kate Bosworth outside a coffee shop. The Hollywood sweethearts were waiting for their cars together and happened to strike up a conversation. Bloom began dating the SUPERMAN RETURNS beauty in 2003 but they split up last year (05) due to the pressures of their conflicting schedules - but they have since rekindled their romance. Bloom explains, "We met outside a coffee shop. It was just one of those kind of chance encounters. "I guess you could call it love at first sight. We were just getting cars from the valet. "A friend of mine knew her and introduced us. She was there with her mum and it was like, 'Hi.' "Then she turned up at one of the premieres - I think it was the second movie for (THE) Lord Of The Rings. "So she was at the party and stuff. She's a beauty!"