Is Pippa Middleton engaged? Well, rumours are running amok that Pippa Middleton and her boyfriend Nico Jackson are set to marry after a proposal in India. Though socialite Pippa and her banker beau have not confirmed or denied any of the rumours, a source speaking to Us Weekly seems to have caught wind of some exciting news.

Pippa Middleton Nico Jackson
Are Pippa and Nico Engaged?

Pippa and Nico have been dating for around 15 months and were first rumoured to be engaged in September. However, rumours were soon proved false and the speculation calmed a little until now. Nico is said to have made his move whilst the pair holidayed at India's five star Oberoi Amarvilas resort overlooking the Taj Mahal. "It was exactly how he planned it," one source tells Us Weekly of the proposal. "Very romantic and grand!"

Since their alleged engagement, the smitten couple are apparently celebrating their happy news by keeping it to themselves for the time being. They plan to spend Boxing Day at the Middleton family's Estate then will head to the Alps for a spot of skiing in the new year.

Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton Could Be Getting Married

Though exciting, these rumours are likely to be quashed the next time a source drops some gossip. However, it is very much the case that the pair are besotted with each other, so an engagement on the horizon wouldn’t be too much of an imagination stretch. "Pippa's told friends she's met The One," a source previously told British magazine Look. "Pippa is totally smitten with Nico. I think they've already chatted about moving in together. She loves the fact that the whole fame thing doesn't bother him and he's already had the seal of approval from her family."

Whilst all gossip outlets are pounding out the dress/bridesmaids/location/date/canapés speculation, we should probably get the facts straight. When Nico and Pippa touched down in Heathrow after returning from India, the 30 year-old was not wearing any sign of an engagement ring.

Pippa Middleton Nico Jackson Engaged
Rumours Are As Exotic As The Couple's Holiday Destinations Right Now.

What’s more the pair have apparently expressed an interest in doing a lot more exotic travelling before they think about settling. “Pippa and Nico made a pact to travel to lots of exotic destinations before walking down the aisle to start a family. There will be lots of trips like this in coming months,” said a source speaking to the Mail on Sunday.