Pink is ashamed of her days as a staff member at fast food giant McDONALD'S - because she spent most of her time there under the influence of drugs.

The 24-year-old TROUBLE singer worked at a number of fast food restaurants in her native Pennsylvania before hitting musical success, but she admits she was never likely to make the shortlist for employee of the month.

She recalls, "I was horrible. I would open (the restaurant), because I'd be tripping on acid...and I would say, 'Could I have bathroom duty?' And I would sit in bathroom and watch the tiles."

But despite smoking cigarettes at the drive-thru window and handing out free French fries to her friends, she says she worked there a year.

Pink also worked at PIZZA HUT for a year but lasted at WENDY's only for 90 minutes - because her boss dared to give her French fry duty. As soon as she was given a break, she asked a friend to call with what would be a prophetic excuse.

She explains, "I had my friend call and act like she was my manager, and I had just gotten a record deal at lunch break, and I could never come back because I was gonna be famous."

Her big break did come a year later, when she was signed to a recording contract.

10/12/2003 09:07